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Google Sheets Autopopulated Templates

Choose your template to get started!

Advertising reports (One client/domain)


If you don't like to use function formulas in spreadsheets but want to use spreadsheets for reporting - SashaBot for spreadsheets can help you. To get a result in a table format, simply type:

=bot("My Facebook spend for last month by week")

Then you can design your table.

Monthly Campaign and Platform Breakdown

Easily view monthly data broken out by metric across your campaigns or platforms with this template. Each cell has its own formula, even the month, so a simple copy-paste is all you need to finish next month's report!

Weekly Report by Platform

Need to view multiple weeks of data by platform but have headaches just thinking about putting that together? Do you spend hours aggregating daily reports from multiple platforms into weeks? Choose this template and never have those thoughts again!

Daily Report

Get all your metrics for any day on any platform by changing just one cell! Select the platform from a dropdown menu, or change the date in a cell, and see your entire table of metrics start loading new data!

Dashboard reports (Multiple clients/domains)

Campaign/Client Time Interval Comparison Report

Need to know how your metrics changed yesterday to two days ago? Last week to the week before? Last month to the month before? And across multiple campaigns or clients? Choose this template and do it all in one sheet dynamically and in real time!

Campaign/Client Financial Report by Platform

Select a month and watch as new financial data gets pulled in across all platforms, and all campaigns or clients in seconds! Need a different metric? Select it from a dropdown. It really is that easy.