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How We Came About

Our journey began when our CEO, Daniel, launched a Trading Desk/ DSP in San Francisco in late 2014 to focus on SMB brands and small-midsize agencies. Although we found success, something interesting happened along the way as we met with potential customers...

After speaking to over 100 ad agencies and businesses, our team picked up on a major pain point: reporting and monitoring digital ad campaigns is a huge hassle and manual task. We knew we came across a major opportunity, and we had to act on it quickly. Over the last year, we worked closely with a few select brands and agencies to develop the Cross-Channel Ad Performance Dashboard, while our data scientists cranked away on developing a machine learning algorithm to generate automated Optimization Tips.

What We Do


  • Too many advertisement platforms
  • Marketers spend too much time preparing and combining reports from multiple platforms
  • Report creation and analysis requires standardizing data from multiple platforms and manually uploading it into data visualization tools or spreadsheets
  • Campaign metrics must be reviewed frequently to maintain progress towards goals


  • All-in-one, interactive dashboard saves you from logging into all different Ad platforms (social, search, display) for real time updates on campaign performance.
  • Optimization Tips generated through our proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm will identify and alert on opportunities to drive campaign efficiency


  • Cross-Channel Performance Reporting
  • Automated Optimization Tips
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Cross-Channel Attribution Model
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Emailed Reports
  • Auto-Reports via Google Sheets
  • Track the most important metrics including Revenue, Post Click & View Conversions, & much more
  • Free Trial without a Credit Card

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