Digital Advertising Campaigns
of our Customers

Beat CPA Goal By 40%

Identified 3 best-converting personas and Optimal messaging

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Viewability Up By 55%

Increased viewability by 55% compared to classic display ads

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137% ROI

137% ROI on Digital Ad Spend for eCommerce client

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Financial Case Study

Delivered CPA KPI at 54% below goal for Fin Tech startup

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Site Traffic Increase

Increased Site Traffic by 2.5x for Online Publication

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Beat CPA KPI by 35%, and Increased 
Click-thru Rates by 4x

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Retail Brand

Identified Banners and Messaging Producing 12.5% CTR for Smart Home Device Retailer

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Optimizes Startup’s ROI

Identified 3 best converting personas 
and optimal messaging

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CPA Target By 22%

Exceeded CPA target by 22%
by using our trading desk for advertising

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